Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tempeherley Addicted

My tempeh addiction began when I ventured to Cafe Pyrus in Kitchener Ontario and enjoyed a breakfast wrap with tempeh bacon. Having gone a second time I enjoyed their ceasar salad also with tempeh bacon! Tempeh is very versatile, and delicious depending on how it's cooked and what brand you choose to indulge in! The lovelies at Cafe Pyrus suggested I try Henry's Gourmet Tempeh from the local health food store, Henry's is also local, from Kitchener as well (

I had tried tempeh before from a brand sold at Zehrs but I wasn't a fan of the texture or even the taste. Thinking it was probably just personal preference I didn't divulge into the tempeh experience again... until Cafe Pyrus. I purchased the red pepper tempeh and quickly tried it by making tempeh clubs the very next day! I was super impressed with how easily it cooked up on a frying pan and how delicious it tasted as my "meat" in my sandwich. I had half of the package left, so I decided to make another club with it this evening for dinner. On said club (picture to follow) I put vegenaise, daiya, tomato, and lettuce with a little BBQ sauce brushed on the tempeh before being placed on the bun. The first bite was divine, and enjoyed till the very last bite!

If you have not experienced a true tempeh I suggest you look into Henry's Tempeh. Not only is it local but it's also organic, non-GMO, gluten free and vegan of course! Tempeh is so versatile, and the website above suggests recipes and ways that tempeh can be used. I will most certainly look for Henry's at our local health food store and if I'm out of luck I will travel to Kitchener (although not far, but worth it) for Henry's.

I hope soon I can share other recipes made with tempeh! For now care to drool over my delicious tempeh club!

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